To Member Organizations of the International Association of Individual Psychology (IAIP)

July 18, 2022

Dear Colleagues,

This is our July 2022 news update and sending you all the good wishes and hopes for a restful and safe summer!

We are writing to you with an update on the IAIP Board’s current activities and future plans. As promised, we will stay connected with you, and these regular updates will be one way of staying in touch.

Since the time of our last update, the Board met for its regular meeting twice, with many useful agenda items and tasks to accomplish. There is a lot of work done by the Board members outside of the meetings. Our next meeting is scheduled for September 12, 2022.

The Board Treasurer Michaela Stacher-Linhart has completed the collection of the annual dues, and this year we have a record of timely dues payments, with nearly all dues being paid. Thank you all and thank you, Michaela!

Led by the Board Secretary General Giansecondo Mazzoli, we continue planning the 2022 IAIP conference built by and around the section(s) work. The title of the conference is “Meet the Sections.” The conference will take place on November 19th from 15:00 to 19:00 Central European time/8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon Chicago time. We are finalizing an agenda and registration details and will open the registration right after our Board meeting on September 12. Please mark your calendars!

The Board Vice President Ursula Oberst leads the efforts in streamlining and optimizing the Board archives.

We continue working on website optimization. By now, you should see new visual images on our homepage and more. Please keep updating us on the events and other news (such as new publications, books, etc.) that your organization plans to have or just has had. We are able to notice some of your events but may not know about all of them. Please share!!! We would like our website “News” tab to be speaking in your voices. Just send me a brief (100 words maximum) description, and/or an image, a weblink if any – and we will get it to our website and our social media feeds. Or you can tag us with @InternationalAssociationofIndividualPsychology and we will share your news.

We have received your annual reports (the deadline was extended to June 30th for some of the organizations). We would like to thank those IAIP organizations that have sent their annual reports regularly and hope that those that are lagging behind will be able to submit their reports as soon as possible. We will be sharing with you a summary of our impressions soon. We will read carefully what you shared with us and will respond to organizations on their unique requests if any.

Finally, here is a new item in this newsletter, and I call it “on this day”.

On this day…

… 70 years ago, the Individual Psychology Newsletter (IPNL), Volume 21, No 4 (July – August 1972) was published. It was filled with letters from the IPNL readers, reminiscences, book updates, poetry, and organizational updates. Below are a couple of my favorite pages.

And finally, on page 70 – on a lighter note – some good communication advice!
Le Coin Du Rire

You can write to all four of us at or to any one of us individually if you want. As a team, we will take time to discuss any of your feedback – in writing, or in a video meeting.
And we promise no small print in our communication with you.
Please share this letter with members of your organization too.

IAIP President Marina Bluvshtein, PhD (USA)
Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
NASAP Diplomate in Adlerian Psychology
Professor & Director, Center for Adlerian Practice and Scholarship, Adler University

IAIP Vice President Prof. Dr. Ursula Oberst (Spain)
General Health Psychologist (certified) and Adlerian Psychotherapist
President of Spanish Association of Adlerian Psychology – A.E.P.A
Psychology Professor at Ramon Llull University Barcelona

IAIP Secretary General Dr. Giansecondo Mazzoli (Italy)
Adlerian Psychoanalyst and Supervisor
President of Italian Society of Individual Psychology

IAIP Treasurer Michaela Stacher-Linhart, MA (Austria)
Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Adlerian Psychoanalyst
Board member of the Austrian Society of Individual Psychology