To Member Organizations

of the International Association of Individual Psychology (IAIP)

To Member Organizations

of the International Association of Individual Psychology (IAIP)

To Member Organizations

of the International Association of Individual Psychology (IAIP)

To Member Organizations

of the International Association of Individual Psychology (IAIP)

To Member Organizations of the International Association of Individual Psychology (IAIP)

December 8, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

This is the final 2023 Newsletter, and we are taking this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful and joyful holiday season with your friends and families!

Lots of news these past six months– please read and share with your colleagues.

See the images above – they are fresh from last week’s joint meeting of the DGIP and IAIP Board, where, despite some weather surprises, we were positively overwhelmed by studying

98 abstracts submitted for the 2024 congress in Cologne, Germany

The acceptance letters will arrive in the mail in the next few days. The pre-program and registration details will be published in the middle of February. We can’t wait to have you see the great program that will be presented, with a few unique features, such as

  • the Great Poster Slam
  • the Trauma Track
  • the Pre-Congress
  • the intervision option

Historical local attractions, strolls along the river Rhine, the Gala dinner, more authentic German food (plus) in local breweries, and much more will make this trip irresistible.

So, stay tuned!

More organizational reminders.

There is still time to apply for the Alfred Adler Institute of New York grant! The application deadline is December 15th – please don’t miss the opportunity to receive financial support for some of your educational ideas.  For the second year in a row, the Alfred Adler Institute of New York is pleased to announce that it is offering grants to Adlerian Organizations for the purpose of teaching Adlerian psychology or its specific applications. Awards of up to $5,000 will be awarded to institutes and other Adlerian organizations both in the U.S. and internationally. The grants will be awarded on the basis of the originality and worthiness of the project.

Organizations that are members of IAIP are especially encouraged to apply, but any nonprofits teaching Adlerian principles and techniques are welcome. Download the application here.

What is happening in the IP world?

Conferences, congresses, and other noteworthy events, with inspiring topics and great attendance. Here are just some of them.  NASAP held its annual in-person conference in Denver, Colorado, June 1-4, with the theme “Changemaking: Everything can be different,” and then a Fall Virtual Institute in October. Adler University held its annual training event, “Adlerian psychology: Doing what works,” on November 3, 2023, with a blended attendance of 100 people. ICASSI had a very successful Summer School in Dublin, Ireland, in August, with attendees from all over the world and a rich program offering. In October, the Japanese Society of Adlerian Psychology celebrated its 40th anniversary, with 86 attendees in person and 67 attendees joining virtually. Our Ukrainian colleagues are crafting a very special Adlerian Art Therapy project. SFPA launched its new website.

Some of the upcoming events are January 20-21, 2024, ICASSI Virtual Winter Conference. The 2024 ICASSI will be held in Kloster Steinfeld, Kall. More information will be coming soon at The NASAP 2024 conference will be held in June 2024 in Tampa, Florida.

Here, we are listing only the ones we know about. Please write to us with your events so we can share them widely in the newsletter and some on our website at a great kaleidoscope of these and other annual events at

We have some sad news to share, too:

Jane Griffith passed away on July 4, 2023. Together with her husband, Bob Powers, she contributed immensely to Adlerian literature and training (some of you may have their Lexicon and “The Keys to Psychotherapy”). She was a great mentor to many.

Elsie McDorman passed away on October 13, 2023. Elsie was a constant, encouraging presence in the Vancouver Adlerian community for several decades.

Olimpia Mourier passed away on October 21, 2023. Olimpia was a long-time member of the SFPA and, quoiting their remembrance, Olimpia was a solar soul who illuminated our lives with her presence.” Those of you who attended the 2017 congress in Minneapolis should remember her well.

On this day, in 1967

The IPNL (Individual Psychology News Letter) had the following question for us to discuss…
… unless the answer is clear.

This is all for now.

You can write to all four of us at or to any one of us individually if you want.

 As a team, we will take time to discuss any of your feedback – in writing or in a video meeting.

Please share this letter with members of your organization.


IAIP President Marina Bluvshtein, PhD (USA)
Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
NASAP Diplomate in Adlerian Psychology
Professor & Director, Center for Adlerian Practice and Scholarship, Adler University

IAIP Vice President Prof. Dr. Ursula Oberst (Spain)
General Health Psychologist (certified) and Adlerian Psychotherapist
President of Spanish Association of Adlerian Psychology – A.E.P.A
Psychology Professor at Ramon Llull University Barcelona

IAIP Secretary General Dr. Giansecondo Mazzoli (Italy)
Adlerian Psychoanalyst and Supervisor
President of the Italian Society of Individual Psychology

IAIP Treasurer Michaela Stacher-Linhart, MA (Austria)
Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Adlerian Psychoanalyst
Board member of the Austrian Society of Individual Psychology