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Member Organizations Conferences and Congresses

This section provides overview about past and upcoming member organizations conferences and congresses.

50th anniversary of The Adlerian Psychology Association of BC

The Adlerian Psychology Association of BC celebrated our 50th anniversary with a reception at the Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver. It was a lovely afternoon of cake, coffee and live music enjoyed by many!

The 39th Annual Congress of the Japanese Society of Adlerian Psychology was held in person and virtually on October 15-17, 2022 with a total of 160 participants (79 in person and 81 virtually)

For three days, we had “Adlered” every minute and in every aspect. There were presentations on parenting, counseling, and psychotherapy, employment support, and philosophical aspects. There were two symposiums on (i) sharing the experience and learning from IAIP congress, ICASSI, and NASAP conferences, and (ii) Social Interest with the Japanese martial arts called “Godo.” In addition, Dr. Marina Bluvshtein gave a special lecture, “A Message to Adlerians in Japan: New World, Old Challenges, and Timeless Solutions from Adlerian Psychology. She talked about what we, as Adlerians, have done and what we can do in the future regarding war and hunger, which are still common global challenges. She also explained the Adlerian movement in Japan using materials from a historian’s point of view. We were inspired by the history, which continues flowing into the present, of Adlerian psychology in Japan. It was a very fulfilling three days of learning.

The DGIP Congress was held in Cologne on October 28-29, 2022

The theme was: ” Parting hurts!? Connecting and separating”.
We had very good presentations on the mechanization of psychotherapy and technological humanism, on climate change, the critique of the Bowlby attachment theory, on the specific nature of analytic therapy versus disorder-specific methods.
Many working groups were very well attended. There were about 200 therapists and counselors, at least 25% of them young people in training to become psychotherapists, at all 7 institutes in the Federal Republic. 3 large lectures were given by Austrians and were very well received.
We had great weather, up to 25 degrees Celsius, and the after-work party took place partly outside until late at night. So that not everyone just sat in the building, we had groups that were guided through Cologne with explanations of the sights (we couldn’t get into the cathedral, there was a demonstration in favor of Iran) and then in our rooms in the institutes we gave an introduction to the profession-specific self-experience for child and youth therapists. Everyone wants to come back and also participate in lectures and working groups.
These are the pictures of some of the speakers, from young to old.

The Second Latin-American Adlerian Congress October (1-2, 2022)

The Second Latin-American Adlerian Congress was held virtually. It was supported by the Spanish Association of Adlerian Psychology (Asociación Española de Psicología Adleriana). The Congress topic was The Adlerian Life Tasks. 90 participants from 14 countries attended. Participants were from the United States, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Panamá, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Chile, Brasil, Argentina, Spain, Uruguay, and Mexico.

The XXIX National Congress of the Società Italiana di Psicologia Individuale (SIPI, October 21-23, 2022)

SIPI was held in Florence, Italy. The Conference topic was “Coppie, famiglie, e collettivita. Le costellazioni attuali. (Couples, families, and collectivity: The modern constellations). 220 participants attended, and the congress ended in the beautiful setting of Florence. The keynote speakers were Prof Rovera IAP Past President and Prof Fassino SIPI Honorary President and outstanding Italian colleagues. Intriguing parts of the Congress were discussion groups on topics related to the main topic such as the new identities, the relationships in the virtual age, the new lifestyles, and the social feeling in today’s culture.