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Member Organizations Conferences and Congresses

This section provides overview about past and upcoming member organizations conferences and congresses.

The Second Latin-American Adlerian Congress October (1-2, 2022)

The Second Latin-American Adlerian Congress was held virtually. It was supported by the Spanish Association of Adlerian Psychology (Asociación Española de Psicología Adleriana). The Congress topic was The Adlerian Life Tasks. 90 participants from 14 countries attended. Participants were from the United States, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Panamá, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Chile, Brasil, Argentina, Spain, Uruguay, and Mexico.

The XXIX National Congress of the Società Italiana di Psicologia Individuale (SIPI, October 21-23, 2022)

SIPI was held in Florence, Italy. The Conference topic was “Coppie, famiglie, e collettivita. Le costellazioni attuali. (Couples, families, and collectivity: The modern constellations). 220 participants attended, and the congress ended in the beautiful setting of Florence. The keynote speakers were Prof Rovera IAP Past President and Prof Fassino SIPI Honorary President and outstanding Italian colleagues. Intriguing parts of the Congress were discussion groups on topics related to the main topic such as the new identities, the relationships in the virtual age, the new lifestyles, and the social feeling in today’s culture.