In the opening section of this forth issue, you will have the chance to read a very precious and historically important unpublished work signed by Aladin, both in the original German version and the English and Italian translations. As you may have already guessed, Aladin is the pseudonym used by Alfred Adler when he used to write for the Workers’ Viennese Socialist newspaper “Arbeiter-Zeitung” in 1897.

Then, Silvia Vegetti Finzi kindly gave a passionate and insightful interview to “Dialoghi Adleriani”: we know that Silvia Vegetti Finzi’s personal narrative has always been characterized by her constant intellectual work and her widespread social commitment for the rights of women, children, teenagers and the elderly. Silvia Vegetti Finzi has been an encouraging supporter of the Adlerian initiatives and she is currently a member of the “International Scientific Committee” of “Dialoghi Adleriani” magazine. We cannot forget her work on the theory and history of psychoanalysis, published in 1986 by Oscar Mondadori Publisher, “History of Psychoanalysis. Author, Works, Theories. 1895-1990”, a book that broke up the monopoly of Jungian and Freudian schools. This influential book has played a pivotal role in the education of generations of psychologists. Besides, Silvia Vegetti Finzi taught “Dynamic Psychology” at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Pavia from 1975 to 2005. Thirdly, “Dialoghi Adleriani” offers the readers a delicate and vigorous article, a powerful and insightful, deep and light example of prose and poetry: the article has been donated to “Dialoghi Adleriani” magazine by Eugenio Borgna, an inspired cantor of a humanized Medicine and Psychiatry; his Medicine and Psychiatry tend to the art of listening, the infinite dialog with the wounds of the soul and the body of the patient.

Science reaches out to the relationship with the patient and aims at reconciling the needs of rapid time for the diagnosis, and long time, Agostinian time, the inner time that every patient needs when they need help and understanding of their pain and dignity: the most appreciated gifts are the “silent and discreet” ones that stem from a “friendship a priori”.

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