The IAIP Association has been created to bring together the organized bodies of Individual Psychology throughout the world and to provide a forum for international dialogue, collaboration and cooperation among these various bodies in regard to the further development and application of Individual Psychology.

It is the aim of this association to mutually encourage the members’ respective activities, to support their good fellowship and to enable them to make of their separate efforts a common cause.

We hereby mutually agree to base all decisions upon a profound respect for, and appreciation of, the diversity found within our international membership with respect to language, culture, politics, economics and professional areas of interest.

The IAIP Board stays in contact with our colleagues at the IAIP member organization Alfred Adler Institute in Tel Aviv. 

We would like to express our support to our Israeli colleagues and the work they are doing during the very trying times that not many of us can possibly comprehend and that we would not want anyone to endure. They work with their students, patients, parents, colleagues, and neighbors, all while having unending personal losses and in the midst of the war.

Keeping them in our hearts, holding hope for lasting peace, and wishing them and everyone in their lives to stay safe.

The IAIP Board watches, with increasing concerns, the escalation of the conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Like many other people around the world, we hope human wisdom and an immortal Gemeinschaftsgefühl will prevail, and there will be no bigger war and the loss of more lives. During these most difficult times, we want to express our appreciation and support of our Ukrainian Adlerian colleagues’ personal and professional fortitude in doing the important professional work of helping others.

February 14, 2022
The IAIP Board

International Association of Individual Psychology (IAIP) Flyer

IAIP Flyer

Statement about violence, racism, inequality, and injustice and call for actions

The Board of International Association of Individual Psychology (IAIP) position statement about violence, racism, inequality, and injustice and call for actions.

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