29th Congress of The IAIP

“The Self, the Others, and the World: Closing the gap”
Das Fremde und das eigene: Closing the gap
Hosted by the DGIP (German Society of Individual Psychology), on behalf of the International Association of Individual Psychology (IAIP)
Date: Congress July 4-7, 2024, Pre-Congress July 3, 2024

Venue: Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum Cologne Cäcilienstr. 29-33, 50667 Cologne, Germany
Languages of the Congress are English and German

“The Self, the Others, and the World:
Closing the gap”

The world of Individual Psychology cannot be uniform/monolithic and, at the same time, develop specific, distinct forms depending on language, culture, spiritual heritage, or traditions in therapeutic applications. There are differences in perspective, innovations, and even the understanding of classical individual psychological terms, let alone clinical methods.

What unites us, and what separates us? What distinguishes us as Adlerians? In Cologne we want to discuss how we can positively position ourselves, starting with our own selves, as unique and different as we are and as connected as we only desire to be!

The 29th International Congress of IAIP (organized and hosted by DGIP) will take place in Cologne on July 3-7, 2024. Cologne counts its birth as the Roman foundation in 50 A.D.; it was a medieval metropolis, later occupied by Napoleon and almost completely destroyed by bombs in the Second World War. Today it is called the most Italian city north of the Alps, which is a compliment. Best place to explore, where the otherness merges with the self and transforms into the indivisible whole.

Die Welt der Individualpsychologie kann nicht eine einzige sein und gleichzeitig spezifische Formen entwickeln, je nach Sprache, Kultur, Anwendung als Therapie, Beratung oder geistiges Erbe.

Es gibt Unterschiede in der Perspektive, in den Neuerungen, selbst im Verständnis der klassisch individualpsychologischen Begriffe und in den Methoden.

Was eint uns und was trennt uns? Nach der Distinktionstheorie wird der eigene Stand immer in Abgrenzung zu den anderen bestimmt: “Wir sind anders als die …, daher sind wir Adlerianer”.   Wir wollen in Köln darüber diskutieren, ob wir uns positiv verorten können, aus uns selbst heraus, so unterschiedlich wie wir sind und so verbunden wie wir nur sein wollen!

Der 29. Internationale Kongress der IAIP und DGIP findet in Köln statt, eine römische Gründung im Jahr 50 nach Christus, eine Metropole im Mittelalter, unter Napoleon französisch besetzt, im zweiten Weltkrieg fast vollständig durch Bomben zerstört und heute als die italienischste Stadt nördlich der Alpen bezeichnet, was ein Kompliment ist. Bester Ort, um zu ergründen, wo das Fremde in das Eigene übergeht!

Congress Participation fee:

  • Early Bird Price (by May 30, 2024) 250,- €
  • Regular Price (from June 1, 2024) 280,- €
  • Students (training candidates and
    Participants 110,- €
    from the Eastern European countries
    according to the list*)

    • Early Bird Price for students and others* 90,- €
    • *Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia,Czech Republic, Hungary,
      Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
      Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Moldova
  • Half-Day Tickets (not for presenters and moderators) 70,- €
  • Gala Evening at Saturday 50,- €
  • Pre Congress on Wednesday 20,- €

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Company Adress: Buttermarkt 2, 99867 Gotha, Germany
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Call for papers

“The Self, the Others, and the World
Das Fremde und das eigene
Closing the gap.”

This theme has been chosen by the IAIP-Board and the AGJ of the DGIP (Working Group Annual Meetings) in a joint effort. Where better than at a large international congress of Adlerians from all over the world, we can discuss the various aspects of the relationships between self, the other, and the world. We are faced with the challenge of understanding these complex relationships in the contemporary world, exploring differences and similarities in our understanding, and finding ways to close the gap in many ways and on many levels. Individual Psychology gives us the ideal basis for this discourse: after all, the indivisible unity of the human being includes both the individual striving for the self and the relatedness, solidarity, and connectedness with others and the world in the spirit of „Gemeinschafts- gefühl“. For the Congress lectures, working groups, presentations, and forums, we are interested in scientific, treatment-relevant, and educational aspects of the theme:

  • What do Adler’s Individual Psychology and its contemporary applications teach us about intrapsychic processes, both healthy and unhealthy? Is there a specific single Adlerian concept of the self, or are there various, different concepts? How is that significant in the IP practice?
  • How can we define Other? Is it possible that, in theory, there is a world understanding of the other, while in daily therapeutic or counseling practice, we can find fundamental similarities? How could this be explained? How is that important?
  • The „Zeitgeist“ of each time period seems to shape and change both inner and outer life. Are there nonetheless imperishable, eternal principles of a moral, ethical, or political nature that rule our actions regardless of the time period or a particular culture? If they are, how is that useful?
  • Research, psychotherapy, and counseling are conducted under different frame- works. What impact does the chosen framework have on our inner life? What price do we have to pay as participants in the process? Is there anything to gain in return? Is that price tag different depending on gender or age, race, or religion?

These are some suggestions, and the theme may open up many more venues for exploration and good discussions in the form of scientific papers, case reports, workshops, and panels. We are waiting for your abstracts and would like to ask you to submit them by completing this form  – by October 15, 2023.

With any questions, please write to us at 2024.iaip@gmail.com.